Kid Print Solutions "The First Name In Child Identification Systems"

Since 2004, Kid Print Solutions has been supporting law enforcement agencies
nationwide by providing a complete line of  resources for child safety.

ForensicPrint is designed to be the most powerful, easy to use, portable child
identification system available!
ForensicPrint will enable your organization to
quickly and easily capture all the vital information to create a detailed Profile.
The ForensicPrint Child ID System will enable your organization to create a
complete child ID profile, which can then be saved directly to any CD and/or printed
using any standard printer. Most Importantly
All Of The Information Stays in
Complete Control Of the Parent and for law enforcement will have access to
the information in the time of an emergency
ForensicPrint provides
complete assurance
that all critical
information about the
child is readily
available in one place.
ForensicPrint Child ID System
Powered By:
"The Child ID Experts"
Print ID Report on Regular  Stock 8x11 Paper
Capture Demographics, Fingerprints, Photographs and Video Clips
Capture Forensic Quality Fingerprints Electronically.
Create Child, Student and Senior IDs.***NEW***
FBI Certified Digital Fingerprint Scanner.***NEW***
Capable of Capturing Real-time Video Clips
Works With any standard Inkjet or Color Laser Printer
User Specified Graphics- Custom Insert Your agencies Logos and
Sponsor Logos.
Create Child ID CD-R’s and/or  Printout Paper Child ID
CD-R Contains Photos, Fingerprints, Video Clips and Child PDF
Format ID’s
Utilizes Off the Shelf Card Stock Paper  and CD-R’s
Easy to Use, Point and Click System.
Data-Base and No Data-Base Mode.
Import Previously Created Child IDs From CDs and USBs***NEW***
Save to USB Flash Drive***NEW***
Print PVC ID Cards***NEW***
One Time Single License Purchase Fee!!!
Remote PC Support ***NEW***
Phone ID "No Special App Required"
"The most powerful Child
Identification System
on the market place today."
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